Principles for creating Management Systems

Creating IT Systems is possible by covering methodological steps with a defined content that should be based on several methodological principles that need to be respected starting with the analysis stage and ending with the commissioning of each System.


How to create a management system

The methodological principles are outlined in the following sequence:

  1. The System design must start, according to the System concept, from its output and the content of the terminal information. The System projection takes place according to the next logical sequence of activities: analyze outputs -> establish the models for the strategic and tactical Management -> develop appropriate techniques to organize and administrate the database -> establish the hardware configuration.
  2. The approach to create the future Management IT System should be made from a global perspective while pursuing to satisfy the requirements of its components. The comprehensive approach allows giving a fair share of the strategic and tactical objectives of the company's activities. Compliance with this principle assures the integration of IT Systems in a business by creating opportunities for establishing a unique database where the information is gathered only once and it used by all Software Applications.
  3. Ensuring the independence of the IT System Structure from the organizational structure. The main way of achieving this relative independence.
  4. The implementation of the new System should always start from the strategic level that assures the maximum economic efficiency. This approach allows the guiding of the implemented activities at later stages because of its ability to simulate the behavior of the IT System in the next phase.