Nexus Electronics highlights from the Barcelona Mobile World Congress

As promised, here we are back again, reporting after the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona last week. We listened, we learned, we shared our points of view, we mingled and we came home with some relevant input on how we can and will develop our products to be even better.

nexus electronics mobile world congress.JPEG

What’s the purpose of participating in the MWC fair?

We, at Nexus Electronics, have a particular way of approaching these kind of events. We find that it’s the best opportunity to make ourselves be seen and to initiate a sort of prospecting process, if you may.

Besides that, it’s pretty obvious that one of the main reasons we go to such events is to engage in some resultful conversations with our pears and potential partner.

Of course that learning new things and finding out what the newest and hippest trends in the tech world are, both represent goals of their own, but what we feel we need to do more of, in order to grow our business, is to actually talk to the people that could become our end users.

You could say that we did a sort of “field research” on what employees from different companies would need in order for them to do a better job and to lower the numerous and sometimes useless administrative tasks that they need to do.

Highlights of the Mobile World Congress

We came back with the conviction that every company, big or small, that has the slightest connection to client support, definitely needs a CRM system to make the workflow more approachable and less overbearing.

We were one of the companies that had to find out the hard way that just by writing down some apparently useful information isn’t going to cut it when you want to give top notch client service or even create some highly effective sales and marketing strategies.

We’ve learned that even for a small business, keeping track of all the servicing workload you have, could become extremely burdensome and, at some point, impossible to manage.

That’s why one of the most important components of our CRM system is represented by the support tickets feature.

Another thing that we’ve come to realise by talking to the exhibitors at the Barcelona Congress is that they need to be able to make a better segmentation of the people they make offers and proposals to. Having a solid database isn’t going to cut it. Sales and marketing teams need to filter their customers based on numerous criteria, like buying frequency, for example. If you’re a marketing, advertising or PR specialist, you’ve probably acknowledged by now that you can’t make the same offer or have the same approach to each and every client. Personalizing your proposals and your messages is one of the keys to your success.

So, summing it up, we’ve gained some valuable information about how we could develop our mobile apps to have a competitive edge, we’ve interacted with both visionary individuals and employees who ideally cand get their hands on CRM systems and we’ve made ourselves known as a well built and determined team of passionate product developers.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience that taught us a lot and we’re looking forward to next years’ edition.