5 Tips on How To Offer Faster Client Support

We talked about the fact that your clients value quality service more than fast service. But you can't have all the time in the world, right?


How to offer better and faster Client Service

Many of your customers juggle between work and family and they don't have a lot of time to spare. Some of them got a bad treatment one time that made them angry about client service, and now they lose their patience in seconds. Assuming that you have taken care of the quality, let's talk about the pace.

How can you speed up your high-quality client service?

1. More DIY possibilities

The self-serve options take less time and no phone call. You can create a good FAQ section on your site, tutorials or just step-by-step, easy to read instructions. Your clients will get in touch with you or enjoy your product or service rapidly, whenever they wish and without the need of any advice.

2. Activity at peak, call officers at peak

Observe the part of the day that most business conversation takes place. When do your clients call more? What is the peak of their day in productivity? That is the time when you have to be there for your customers with all your Help Desk force. Hire more employees for that part of the day. Change the working schedule and don't let your customers wait.

3. “Call back” is better than “hold”

Waiting is one of the weakest spots of any person. No one likes to wait and especially when they don't know for how long. When your Help Desk is swamped, is better to confess about the situation, ask for contact dates and call back as soon as possible. The client can attend to his activities, and you won't face an angry person to do business with.

4. Easy access to information

One detailed and updated client base is imperative for a fast response. The client service team should have the possibility to get answers without asking a colleague or a superior. You can use a CRM solution or any software that suits your business. Organized and easy-to-reach information cuts the amount of time for a conversation significantly.

5. Measure to be precise

You should have some answers: What are the average time on hold and the one to resolve an issue? How many calls can one agent take at a time until quality starts dropping? What is the average number of times clients are put on hold during a call?

Measuring these metrics will show you where exactly the block in the Support department is so you can develop.

Fast isn't always right, but slow isn't either. Better ensure your client service quality and then focus on how to do it efficiently. No more angry customers, no more delays, no more lost partnerships.

What do you do for speeding up your client support services?