Highlights from CeBIT 2018 through the eyes of Nexus Electronics

2018’s CeBIT was spectacular. After some recent hateful comments have come about in recent years, the organizers took it to a whole new level and offered an outstanding venue and also plenty of space for concerts, events and presentations - for example for the surfing wave of Intel, for robots and autonomous vehicles or for the Ferris wheel of SAP. And just as Nexus does every year, we decided to join in on the fun and become part of the Romanian delegation.


What CeBIT 2018 had to offer

At CeBIT 2018, everything was geared to generating business, leads and brand new and bright ideas.

The innovations that were put on display in the d!conomy section of the show were the ones that made all the difference to a company like Nexus, who is constantly striving to improve its’ operations and take keep up with the technological times. There were some irresistibly spectacular stands like Huawei, Vodafone, Pepper or Qtrobot.

The d!talk conference program “tore” the team apart because some of us were eager to hear all the visionary speakers and creative thinkers make their elaborate presentations on the future of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, while others preferred to hold their own presentations in front of our peers and the people who came their as potential customers.

Basically this is the purpose of the Romanian delegation, to attract potential customers, build partnerships and promote Romania as a powerful asset in the ITC industry.

But this year’s CEBIT offered an unprecedented array of outstanding lectures and presentations, one of the most excitingly eye opening being held by internet pioneer Jaron Lanier, the man who brought criticism to the business model of the giant Internet companies, to Julia Shaw, who revealed how human memory can be manipulated, and the security expert Mikka Hyppönen, who drew attention to qualitatively new forms of cyberattack.

Having a background of several years of experience, we can declare that this particular event was a success, even if the attendee show up rate wasn’t as high as we expected. Both our Nexus Locator app and the GPS Tracking system were  huge hit and made a lot of buzz around them.

What impressed the Nexus Electronics team at CeBIT 2018?

With 5G technology taking over the mobile wireless data, real-time data communications now make it possible to instantly implement many of the brand-new IoT applications debuting at this year’s CeBIT.

On of the predictions that caught our interest, was that, in the future, it’s believed that the Internet of Things will even include sensor-equipped truck tires, offering fleet operators the opportunity to remotely monitor temperatures and pressures using an app.

The themes of "Predictive Maintenance" and the "Smart City" were also prominent during this week’s event in Hannover. Huawei presented its intelligent nervous system for metropolitan areas to reduce the problem of increased traffic volumes and environmental pollution, as an interesting example.

The hot topic of Artificial Intelligence

Self-learning systems were a lighthouse theme of Cebit. Personally, I was highly impressed to see what HPE had to offer, which was how computers can quickly compare millions of disease symptoms from multiple sources to find the optimal medication for a patient.

So, basically we declare ourselves as happy to have been part of this tour de force of technological advances and hope that Nexus Electronics is going to make an impact at least in our local markets if not even extend our development powers in the near future